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Static Charge Neutralizer and Deionizer

Static Charge Neutralizer and Deionizer of can be use in any technological processes where static charge is induced and poses problems. It is especially useful for quickly winding paper and plastic rolls, offset machines, plastic sheet cutters and plastic sheet production, pneumatic transport, transport of granulated and dust materials, activating surfaces for printing and varnishing, automatic packaging and for plenty other processes.

Neutralization of unwelcome static charge with variable voltage of 10,000 V prevents elements from adhering, eliminates gathering of dust and lumping of pulverized materials. Moreover, it prevents short circuits, which are extremely harmful for electronic systems, furthermore, it enhances industrial safety and helps streamline fire preventive measures. All these factors considerably improve quality of technological processes. Using capacitive connections of high voltage elements guarantees that the device can be operated and maintained safely.

The basic Neutralizer set comprises a generator, a double slat (up to 80 cm long), high voltage power supply leads (up to 250 cm long).

Construction of the device has been based on a high voltage transformer and features the following technical specifications:

  • 230 V power supply,
  • 1.2 A nominal current,
  • 50/60 Hz frequency,
  • recurring side voltage: 10 kV (2x5 kV),
  • recurring side current: 20 mA,
  • IP-40 insulation class,
  • 2 year guarantee.

Should you wish us to do so, we are ready to construct a machine to match your special requirements and present it for tests.

Maszyna wykonuje otwory w paczkach banknotów (100 szt.) wykrojnikiem mechanicznym napędzanym przez siłownik hydrauliczny ? takie rozwiązanie jest najlepsze ze względu na małą ilość części ruchomych. Cykl dziurowania odbywa się automatycznie po zamknięciu szufladki i trwa ok. 3 sek.

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