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Banknote perforating press EKU-9, EKU-9MAX

The unit makes holes in banknote packets (each contains 100 pieces) using a piercing die driven by hydraulic servomotor, which is the best solution on account of relatively small number of movable parts comprising a unit. Perforating cycle is automatically initiated by closing the drawer and lasts about 3 seconds.

The number of holes to be made in banknotes (ranging from 3 to 6) and their diameter (usually 6-12mm) are each time chosen according to the purchaser?s requirements.

Adopted solutions guarantee:

  • quiet and reliable operation,
  • users? safety,
  • attractive design and exquisite workmanship,
  • simple use and maintenance,
  • no special requirements for storage and long haul transport.
  Technical specifications:



  Number of holes:   max. 6 holes, &phi 8 mm   max. 6 holes, &phi 12 mm
  Hydraulic pump powered by:   1,5 kW   2,2 kW
  Power supply:   230V 50/60Hz   400V 50/60Hz
  Waste container:   6 litre   10 litre
  size [cm]:   50 x 30 x 50 (height)   55 x 40 x 60 (height)
  Weight:   55 kg   68 kg


Should you wish us to do so, we are ready to construct a machine to match your special requirements and present it for tests.

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