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Hydraulic Press PH4

We produce miniature hydraulic presses to be used for special purposes, especially for streamlining technological processes.

Each machine is purposefully tailored to meet our customers? specific demands.

Technical specifications:

  • pressure up to 8,000 kG,
  • engine?s power up to 2.2kW,
  • 230V, 50/60 Hz power supply,
  • 12V control voltage,
  • loudness: approximately 70 dB ? building in the device into a soundproof alcove (completely or partially) may muffle its work,
  • continuous or intermittent (interrupted after each completed cycle),
  • work mode can be chosen, depending on the number of cycles per minute, e.g.: a three-second work cycle with a break of at least five seconds;

Two-year warranty.

We can, on our customer?s request, produce a press including a punching die or a die stamping to match a specific product.

Should you wish us to do so, we are ready to construct a machine to match your special requirements
and present it for tests.

Maszyna wykonuje otwory w paczkach banknotów (100 szt.) wykrojnikiem mechanicznym napędzanym przez siłownik hydrauliczny ? takie rozwiązanie jest najlepsze ze względu na małą ilość części ruchomych. Cykl dziurowania odbywa się automatycznie po zamknięciu szufladki i trwa ok. 3 sek.

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