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Banknote Briquetting Machine BKU-99

The device has been specifically designed for grinding and briquetting banknotes as well as special documents, such as passports, plastic cards, etc. Moreover, the machine meets bank surveillance requirements.
Efficiency of the completely automated process is min. 30 kilograms per hour.
Running of the machine is very quiet, reliable and, due to cycle operated engines, uniquely energy saving.
Control system is extremely easy to use on account of graphic icons that have been employed to facilitate operating a touch panel. Exceptionally durable, mechanical elements are practically failure proof so there is hardly any need of comprehensive service and maintenance.
The device has been adapted for long haul transport and does not have to be fitted at a customer?s headquarters by a specially trained team.

Adopted solutions guarantee:

  • quiet and reliable operation,
  • users? safety,
  • attractive design and exquisite workmanship,
  • simple use and maintenance,
  • no special requirements for storage and long haul transport.

Technical specifications:

  • Total power of engines installed ? 5 kW,
  • Electrical power supply - 400V 50/60Hz,
  • Weight: 400 kg,
  • Minimum efficiency 30 kilograms per hour,
  • Size ? 150cm x 100cm, height 150cm,
  • Guarantee ? 3 years,
  • Briquette size ? ? 60 x 30 mm.

Machines are packed separately in wooden boxes.

Guarantee - three years with an option of a two year extension following a paid inspection.

Should you wish us to do so, we are ready to construct a machine to match your special requirements and present it for tests.

Maszyna wykonuje otwory w paczkach banknotów (100 szt.) wykrojnikiem mechanicznym napędzanym przez siłownik hydrauliczny ? takie rozwiązanie jest najlepsze ze względu na małą ilość części ruchomych. Cykl dziurowania odbywa się automatycznie po zamknięciu szufladki i trwa ok. 3 sek.

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